Zodiac Typhoon 310S

Length 10' 2"
Beam 5' 3"
Weight 93 Lbs
Capacity: 5 Persons or 992 Lbs
Maximum Motor 15 hp (Maximum motor weight 121 Lbs)
Manufacturer recommends 10 hp (15" shaft)
Tube Diameter 18" (Separate Air Chambers 2 + Keel)
Stowed Dimensions 3' 3" x 1' 10" x 12"
Fabric Type: PVC (welded construction)
Factory Warranty: 5 years

Standard features include: Interlocking wood floorboards; fold down locking oar system with oar holders; two piece breakdown aluminum oars; fittings for optional trim flaps; protective rubbing strake; safety straps; aluminum motor clamp plate; removable rowing seat; self bailer with interior controls; boat carry bag; bow handle; mounting points for optional bow storage bag; towing bridle D-rings (port and starboard); foot pump; repair kit; owners manual


58,900.- BATH


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